Cantina Di Negrar – Verona, Veneto, Italy

Cantina Valpolicella Negrar pays homage to the philosophy of cooperative production. They were awarded for the third time “Best Italian Cooperative Winery” no small feat but for a cooperative that embraces their philosophy of cooperation! Their accolades are well deserved and we are very proud to work with them! There wines are rooted in the winemaking tradition of Valpolicella and the Veronese wine-growing areas, with a modern reinterpretation to guarantee the best price/quality ratio.

Cantina Negrar is an exceptional group of growers and winemakers and their commitment to quality is evident. They share the pride and joy of belonging to a cooperative winery staffed by people who love the vines they tend and make the wines they love. In the generous valley of Negrar, younger generations are rushing to take up the mantle with exuberance and sincerity.  Corvina is the star of the region, though it is tricky to master. Its thick skin means it is notoriously late-ripening and requires careful attention and patience through September. Fastidiousness results in its scarlet red colour – a mouthful of lush tart cherry with hints of fresh mint and thyme…like the very name Valpolicella, it just rolls of your tongue! Their whites are all about crisp fruit & linear precision achieved through canopy management & meticulous handling in the winery

The terrific line up of wines from Catina Di Negrar